Uncategorized Young Entrepreneur Loan for Astro Financing | Business Loan

Young Entrepreneur Loan for Astro Financing | Business Loan

What to do, when the company was finally founded successfully, the bank donated your entrepreneurial loan for the sake of your good idea, you have invested everything properly and have been successfully on the market for a year now and just now, when such an important order causes a car breakdown, the order fulfillment is in the way?

As a young entrepreneur, you have a hard time getting money. Especially, because you only need it for a short time and the repair would be done with only a few thousand euros and they could pay back quickly thanks to the order. Banks do not grant such loans because they are too bureaucratic.

Friends and family are always a double-edged sword when it comes to lending money. Will you give yourself the nakedness? What does the relationship think about you and your business?

BankFit gives credit to start-up entrepreneurs

BankFit gives credit to start-up entrepreneurs

For short-term emergencies, there is BankFit with its short-term loan for the self-employed and entrepreneurs. Thanks to this loan, you can pre-finance goods, make repairs, pay urgent bills or finance Astro orders. In short, this loan is intended for only short periods of time and relatively small sums of money.

You can try it on the slide calculator without obligation. Simply set amount and duration and read off all costs immediately.

Young entrepreneur credit with a difference

Young entrepreneur credit with a difference

BankFit has different credit criteria than conventional banks. You do not have to submit a business plan to us or explain your project big and wide. As a reputable provider, we ask your credit bureau and then use your details to determine an internal credit score for you. Because our loans run for only 30 days and the sums are only up to 10,000 euros, we have developed this internal scoring because the credit rating indicated by credit bureau is based on data based on long-term loans. But we do not offer that to you. We offer you:

  • no costs
  • No long credit commitment
  • Earn money in one day (with express option)
  • Internal credit check
  • Rate option (borrow up to 60 days)
  • Borrow up to 10,000 euros

And under these circumstances, we assess your credit rating based on our terms and so middle credit bureau entries that would deny you credit elsewhere, no reason for exclusion.

Credit for Astro financing

Credit for interim financing

BankFit loans are young entrepreneurs loans, loans for start-ups, loans for small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, self-employed people from all kinds of sectors. They are designed to help those professions who find it difficult to finance themselves with a loan to stay flexible in a temporary financial crisis.

Your requirement is that your company must be on the market for at least one year, that you personally are liable for the loan amount and that your annual turnover amounts to at least 50,000 euros.

Thus, BankFit is the alternative to supplier credit or expensive scheduling loans. At BankFit, you only borrow the amount you need and only for the time you want to use it. So you can buy flexible goods at a bargain deal and make a higher margin or pre-finance credit card payments your customers to make your purchases.

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