Peritoneal cancer when applying for credit insurance real estate

  Objectives of cheap loan insurance Access to loan insurance can be very difficult for patients or former patients with peritoneal cancer. A peritoneal cancer and a borrower insurance are generally not compatible because of a high level of risks to be insured! With simplified research and administrative procedures, the loan broker is able to […]

External Loan Insurance: How to choose the right guarantee

Since the entry into force of the Cogilaw Company in September 2010, banks have banned the borrower from imposing their own loan insurance contract to guarantee a loan they agree to. And when you know that mortgage insurance can easily represent up to 30% of the total cost of a mortgage, it is quickly realized […]

Mortgage loan insurance for borrower working underground

Work in underground galleries Underground tunneling may consist of digging the soil to extract ore or any other natural exploitable element or to maintain and maintain existing structures. These are most often trades where one exposes oneself to multiple risks: landslides, collapses biological risk. Take out loan insurance borrower working in underground galleries Real estate […]

How to change and reduce the cost of your credit

Necessary to be granted a home loan, mortgage insurance is an important part of the overall cost of the loan. But it is possible for everyone to reduce the cost of this insurance by resorting to the delegation of insurance. Indeed, making a change of credit insurance saves up to several thousand euros and take […]